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Entrepreneurship (MENT)

The mission of the Minor Entrepreneurship is to inspire students to create or identify and exploit their own chances and opportunities in business and (self)employment, by training, stimulating, facilitating and appreciating Entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and behavior.

Companies find themselves continually redefining their markets, restructuring their operations, and modifying their business models as a result of the high rate of market dynamism that characterizes the 21st century. Whereas companies used to be able to rely on relatively sustainable competitive advantages in the 20th century, the rules of the competitive game are changing so fast, that the previously considered advantages are fleeting, with many consequences to going concern and staffing. Risk averseness by means of short-term labour contracting leads to a higher demand for a flexible work-force and hence demands more entrepreneurial skills, spotting or creating (self) employment opportunities.

What keeps leading companies in the lead is constant innovation.
Innovation is a trait of creative, entrepreneurial people, in equally creative and entrepreneurial companies, regardless whether start up enterprises or multinational corporations. Entrepreneurship refers to daring to see beyond what others have seen, risking to invest in something that might look ludicrous at the time of developing or could potentially disrupt the current business of the company or even entire industry.

The minor Entrepreneurship centres around the concept of creating innovative business concepts with various stakeholders, the so called co-creative business development methods, that provide opportunities to start or grow a business.
You will discover what (corporate) entrepreneurship entails and what makes entrepreneurial companies stand out in the competitive arena of today's global business environment.

During the minor you will experiment with various methods to create a new business, from concept development to business modelling and formal business planning, using traditional and new methods for business creation and development, such as Design Thinking, Ideation, Effectuation and the Business Model Generation Canvas.

The entrepreneurial process of generating and implementing new business ideas will be placed in the contexts of small- and medium sized enterprises as well as international and multinational corporations. All with an international scope.

As entrepreneurship, large or small scale, encompasses multiple disciplines, all are included in the minor. From a Management & Organisational perspective you will be familiarized with the complexities of human functioning in organizations and how to apply the toolkit that theory offers to deal with these complex problems. Since starting a new venture, whether within an existing corporate structure or a new business, requires and earns money, the module Financial Management will provide you with the proper tools for financial planning and analysis of new business activities.

No business exists without customers, the most important stakeholders in any venture. To prepare you for the toughest situations in the commercial process, you will gain real-time experience with preparing and conducting commercial negotiations in the module Sales Negotiation.

Finally no new business can be created without understanding how innovation comes to being. The modules contemporary entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills and behaviour will help you find and develop your own personal creative and innovative competencies, identify means and opportunities to make creation and innovation happen in small-, medium sized and large corporate environments and implement methods to sustain innovation in corporate settings.

The minor contains the following courses:

● Fundamentals in Entrepreneurship, 5 ects
Examination: written exam, project report

● Contemporary Entrepreneurship, 5 ects
Examination: assignment

● Cases in Entrepreneurship, 5 ects
Examination: debates, research papers

● Managing Entrepreneurship & Innovation, 5 ects
Examination: assignment, written exam

● Entrepreneurial Skills & Behaviour, 5 ects
Examination: assessment, assignment & oral exam

● Financial Management, 5 ects
Examination: paragraph in BP, written exam

Minimum participants: not applicable

Maximum participants: 60

Department who's offering this minor: International Business and Management Studies (IBMS)

Catalognumber: 6000MENT14

Semester: 1 and 2
Toegankelijk voor: This minor is meant for: HvA (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) full-time students, HvA-exchange students, self-registered (paying) students from foreign non-HvA partner institutes.
Toelatingseisen: Specific entry requirements for this minor include successful completion of at least one module in the subjects marketing, management and organisation and financial management. According to the study programme exam regulation, article 3.10 under 5: a student must have obtained her/his propaedeutics, as well as a minimum of forty (40) credits (EC’s) from the mainphase of the study.
Aanvullende informatie: Er staat meer informatie over deze minor online.
Contactpersoon: Anoesjka Timmermans, e-mail: a.n.timmermans@hva.nl