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MIC Global Trendwatching

A trend expert...
Is able to translate important global developments and movements to innovative and commercial viable opportunities for brands, services, organizations and companies. A trend expert is able to show organizations how to stay in touch with their customers, is able to point to new target groups and is able to come up with creative ideas for innovative strategies, products, services and branded communication campaigns. By our definition a trend expert is crossing borders.

You are...

A student suited for this minor is sharp, inquisitive, has an open mind, is analytical, creative, is able to think conceptual and ‘out of the box'.

Current courses (30 ECTS)

● Project 'I Amsterdam' I and II

● Methodology I (Improve desk research skills by focusing on trends. You will be conducting a lot of coolhunts.)

● From Trends to Brands (Learn how to apply trends into the world of brand building. Can you ‘make' brands future proof?)

● Trends, History & Future (Understand the meaning and importance of digital convergence, learn how old and new media collide, thus creating a new communication paradigm based on interactivity and storytelling.)

● Concept Development I (Advance your skills in creative thinking, keep brainstorms for ten different creative strategies, start drawing sketches of trends yourself, improve Photoshop skills by having to make a design book, interview professionals.)

● Methodology II (Become a trend expert in your own topic of interest. You will strive to
translate trends into opportunities for entrepreneurs. You will use several types of
research, like observation of behavior, concept testing etc.)

● From Trends to Forecasting (What happens when unlikely trends do happen? Learn how to make up trend scenarios, produce a trend forecast report that gives companies
guidance on how to deal with uncertainties.)

● Innovation (How do great brands innovate, what can we learn from the Blue Ocean
Strategy? How can we use trends in enterpreneuring?)

● Concept Development II (Using and apply trend insights in multimedia concept formats.
Learn to improve your video & editing skills (Final Cut) or by focusing on how to explain
a trend in a video story.)

Minimum number of students: 20

Maximum number of students: 32

Department offering minor: MIC

Semester: 2
Toegankelijk voor: 15 HvA students, 15 exchange students and 2 KOM-students.
Toelatingseisen: The minor is completely conducted in English. Foreign students must pass a TOEFL or IELTS test prior to applying. Dutch students must have passed their last English course with at least a 7.
Contactpersoon: Vincent Albers (020-5951766), e-mail: v.w.m.albers@hva.nl